mercoledì 25 giugno 2008

The 2008 BET Awards

While the red carpet was sunny and colorful in LA last night, the real fun was reserved for the Shrine Auditorium stage at the BET Awards. Well, there may not have been any robot suits at this year's Bet Awards, but there was plenty of other entertainment, starting with Usher's pyrotechnic performance and continuing through T. Pain's transformation of the awards show into a circus. He told the audience to "ride with the ringleader," since "this industry is my circus."Some of the best performances of the night were from our young familiar faces like Chris Brown and Rihanna as well as some old favorites like Alicia Keys alongside En Vogue and TLC (minus Left Eye). How cute was it seeing Chris/Rihanna singing along with each other's performances from the audience? Love it. Kanye has said that he's done having tantrums over award shows (though that does not go for everything ), but luckily last night he didn't have to walking away with two statues.
Along with lots of Obama love, Fergie helped close out the show with Nelly her fellow party person before hitting what I'm sure was the real fun at all the after show soirées.

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Kiki ha detto...

Chris Brown è un nuovo piccolo talento da tenere sott'occhio!!