lunedì 23 giugno 2008

Happy baby weekend

Heidi Klum spent the weekend engaging in her usual quality family time away from Seal but there is more than enough love to go around until he is back .

Ben Affleck went for his usual morning coffee run and although he had his hands full with lots of drinks, there was still enough room for tooth-grinning Violet. The daddy's little girl started off with her healthy box of Kashi's TLC crackers but left Starbucks with some yummy cookies. We love
our many LA Affleck sightings and we have a feeling Starbucks
is happy to have them back too!

We've seen plenty of Nicole and Joel these days but this weekend we got a rare treat to see the adorable baby Harlow. She looks so sweet in her pink little onesie sitting in her mom's lap. Nicole took her daughter with her to enjoy the hot Summer day at a friend's house in LA. Harlow looks like a mini me of Joel right now but she clearly has mom's colorful style. We only wish we got to see more of this little munchkin.

2 commenti:

ziggy ha detto...

Ben is good father

Kiki ha detto...

tutti questi bambini mi mettono gioia nel cuore!!!