domenica 22 giugno 2008

Here I am

Yes, first posts are always lame. At least that's what I think. They're your introduction to the world out there connected to the internet, they're your presentation as a blogger. Yes, I am a blogger. At least now, I am. I've finally decided to create my very own fashion blog. I think that I discovered that fashion blogs existed just a couple of months ago, when browsing through accounts on Polyvore. Then, clicking one link after the other this magnificent world opened up to me. I cannot believe all this time I didn't know anything about it. Reading blog after blog I started growing this temptation to create one. But I thought it was too complicated and impossible. But I've changed my mind and here I am !!!Where did I get this passion for fashion? I don't know really... Spending time thinking about an outfit? Shopping a whole day?
I think I started developing this love for fashion when I noticed how good it felt when I was in a cool outfit. How I noticed that people looked at me differently, how I felt much more comfortable. Sometimes when I wake up late and just throw on a sweatshirt, jeans and Converse that don't even go well with the top I get to school and I want to go back home and change. I just don't feel well with myself. Well enough of that...Kind of boring no?
I want to make an original first post but next will be better and better !!!
And soon you start to know my own world ...

2 commenti:

Miss California ha detto...

ciao charr! dai che carini i post! e scrivi in inglese benissimo! anch'io so scrivere, però tu scrivi proprio fluenty... complimenti!:D
allora ora siamo vicine di blog!yhee baxx sere

Kiki ha detto...

oooh che gioia vedere una nuova fashion blogger!!!
Grazie per le cose carine che mi ha scritto su myspace :-> sono veramente contenta che anche grazie al mio blog tu abbia trovato lo stimolo per aprire il tuo!
Ora vado a commentare tuuuuuuuuuutti i post!! Monica :-D