martedì 8 luglio 2008

Mischa's prom dress is to die for

On the bright side of things —stylistically speaking, of course— I'd like to make a little flashback to 2006, when The O.C. said goodbye to Marissa Cooper in her dream Camelia dress from Chanel's Spring 2006 collection.
She pulled it off beautifully for graduation paired up with a rope version of gladiators.
Get this: there were only two such Camelia Chanel dresses available in the U.S. and six others around the world.
Why I wrote this?
Because today I watched again one of the O.C. episode of season three and I fell in love with that Camelia Chanel dress again !!!
That is my favourite dress ever wore by one of my favourite style icon !!!
I will spend the next two weeks in Ireland so I won’t update my blog.
Unfortunately I will miss red carpet, events and gossip !

2 commenti:

Miss California ha detto...

siii che belllo!!!mi piacqua anche a me moltoo!:P cioè...misha ne ha indossati di stupendi devo dire durante le 4 stagioni di OC....
baxx... e buon viaggio!

**Queen B** ha detto...

oo that dress is gorgeous!

Have fun dear on your vacation!!