lunedì 18 agosto 2008

Portia De Rossi wedding dress is to die for

How talented is Zac Posen? I'm a little upset that Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi stole my wedding dress designer of choice, but as I love Ellen and am not engaged I decided to forgive them. I am not a fan of dresses that puff out Cinderella style, and the idea of a pale pink wedding dress makes me pull a disgusted looking face. But Zac Posen made a subtle pink halterneck wedding gown with plunging neckline and full net skirt look stunning. So clever.
How gorgeous is Portia dress ?!

3 commenti:

Miss California ha detto...

charrr!evvero...quel vestito è stupendooo!mamma mia amo zac Posen!<3

BB ha detto...

What a cute couple! Just visited your blog for the first time today (through POLYVORE!!) & I love your background. Trains are sexy.

sparkle-and-grey ha detto...

Portia looked gorgeous, what a beautiful dress