lunedì 8 settembre 2008

Orka Mesica “Friendship” Bracelet is the new "It" accessory for young Hollywood.

Hollywood celebs are loving Orka Mesica’s friendship bracelets.
The pricey baubles ($155) are part 14-karat gold and part wood beads, and each have a gold coin that symbolizes rebirth.
Celebs like Lindsay Lohan, Lauren Conrad, Audrina Partridge, Fergie Amanda Bynes, and Ashley Tisdale are scooping them up for all their friends.
What do i think ?! I think I have to call all my friends and tell them to buy me one !!!
I really like these bracelets expecially in the new colors seen on Nicky Hilton !!!

2 commenti:

Miss California ha detto...

li voglio pure iooooooooooooo!!!
amichetti miei cari...perchè non me ne regalate uno???eddai eddai eddai!!
cmq Cahr, quando scopri chi li vende in italia fammi sapere è!

girl wears chanel ha detto...

ovvio sere !!!
io e te avanti alle tendenze !!!
lauren docet !!!
as always !!!